New Idea

Additional Recording Filters

Submitted by - Tuesday
Status: New Idea

It would like to be able to add the following filters.


Filter based on zone.  We have the ability to create zones for our cameras, but we have no way of saying show me all footage from this one zone.  This would allow me to only show action around my mailbox, thus speeding up the ability to scan for possible mail theft, instead of catching every car on the street.


Filter based on duration.  This should be so easy to implement.  I have a lot of false movement from wind, it triggers these 5-6 second recordings.  I would like to filter based on duration so I can see the person that took 15 seconds to walk up to my door simply by selecting for all video between 15-30 seconds in duration.

Start Playback at the Motion Event

Submitted by - a week ago
Status: New Idea

When reviewing a lot of recordings it is annoying to have to click past the nonsense to get to the motion event every time.  On some of my cameras I have 20-30s before and after recordings and each time I view a recording I have to click a few times to get to the spot of interest.  I'd like to have the option of clicking on a recording and having it start playback at the motion event.  These options would be nice:


1) Start playback at beggining/zero

2) Start playback at beginning of motion trigger

3) Start playback with some set offset from the motion trigger (perhaps -1s or whatever)

4) Start playback at the middle of the motion event (whatever point had the most motion or something)


I think the review process would go faster if you first get to see the motion event, then decide if you need to see the recording that proceeded it.

Notification improvements

Submitted by - a week ago
Status: New Idea

A couple small changes would drastically improve the notification experience:


1. A push notification should contain a preview and take you to the actual recording

2. An email notification already constains the preview, but should take you to the actual recording

3. You shouldn't have to keep logging back in if you've saved your login credentials


I think most people who would be interested in UniFi Video solutions are there for security. Streamlining the notification through recording review pipeline would be very important. Most of the competition already has this pretty well locked down.

Configure Motion Zones With Live Video

Submitted by - a week ago
Status: New Idea

When you go to configure your motion zones, you have to do so with a still frame instead of with live video.  I wonder why.  Sometimes I need to draw zones around moving objects, frequently things that move in the wind.  When you go to test your zones, you can't actually see the zone outline.  So you can never see if your zone is appropriately sized for the problem object.


It would also be nice if the "test zone" feature would run full screen, with the option to show the zone perimeters, with motion graphs for each zone simultaneously.

Create Synology package for Unifi-Video controller.

Submitted by - 2 weeks ago
Status: New Idea

I'm deploying NASes with VMs on them to support more storage (months) for some clients who need 30-60 days of camera recordings. It would be nice if this just ran natively on a NAS. 

Keep place on Timeline when switching between cameras

Submitted by - 2 weeks ago
Status: New Idea

I know the timeline view is still in beta, but it would be great if (when looking at recorded video) the timeline kept the same time when switching between cameras. For example if I'm viewing the timeline on camera 1 at 14:23 and then switch to camera 2, the time should stay at 14:23 rather than be reset to the left side of the timeline. This would make it very easy to follow people through a store or around a property without having to keep an eye on what time the cursor is currently at, then having to go find that exact time again when switching to another camera.

Trigger a Camera from another cameras motion event..

Submitted by - a week ago
Status: New Idea

Would be great if one camera can tell other cameras to start/stop recording.

Per camera storage stats...

Submitted by - 2 weeks ago
Status: New Idea

In the constant struggle with storage and adding more cameras, it would be nice if there were better storage stats for each camera. Either real time, or via an on-demand generated report. Things I'd like to see per camera...


  • video storage file location(s) (parent folders)
  • 5min/1hr/24hr storage use
  • Total storage
  • oldest recording date
  • newest recoding date
  • identify storage gaps
  • number of and amount of storage used by locked recordings

Additionally, when viewing a recording in the web UI, it would be nice to have a way to check the file location and file size.



Integration with Streety

Submitted by - a week ago
Status: New Idea

Streety is a new platform that allows neighbors to share cameras and footage with each other.  This is an open platform and they are allowing all camera manufaturers to integrate.


I would love to see a open system like this succeed given that the market is currently so fragmented.


Here is the link to learn more about Streety


and this is the email if you want to integrate with Streety

AI based Motion Detection

Submitted by -

Love the Unifi Video Solution if only it had AI based motion detection. Forget sensitivity settings, just use ML algorithms that are now more and more common.


At one of our locations we have installed Netatmo cameras and they come with this feature out of the box. No sun/shaddow/rain/snow false motions, just real action with very little false positives.


You cean easily identify humans, animals and cars with algorithms.


Would take the Unifi Video experience to the next level.


Here some screenshots of the Netatmo security video experience. Notice that even the thumnails are dynamically cropped to the motion event. Focus on Humans, Animals and Vehicles. Combined with per event type motion recording: e.g. I opt to only record Humans and Vehicles, but NOT Animals - allows for superior fine tuning. 


Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 2.23.54 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-11-19 at 2.23.16 PM.png

Mobile app push notification on/off

Submitted by - a week ago
Status: New Idea

Use the UniFi Video as an alarm system (arm/disarm function) by turning push notifications on/off with the mobile app in three ways (manually, schedules and/or geofence). 

Feature request for motion detection enhancement

Submitted by -
Status: New Idea



Here are a list with feature requests:


* Motion detection not triggerd by snow/rain/wind

* Motion detection not triggerd by IR on/off

* License Plate identification so mail/notification can be sent if or if not identified (or always)

* Identification of people so mail/notification can be sent if or if not identified (or always)

* Motion detection setting to not detect animals


Best regards

manually #tag motiondetection

Submitted by - 3 weeks ago
Status: New Idea

I have my NVRSystem running on MotionDetection for all my Cameras.


I usually look at the motions, and when i see something of intressent i "Lock" that clip to be retained.

It's the neighbor's cats, a bird who thinks the camera is a bird cave, deer in the garden, or people passing by and more.


There will be very many locked clips, and it's hard to go through all the locked clips when showing a special event.

Had there been an opportunity to #tag the movie clips with different categories, it would have been all the easie.


is this something to implement ?





local weather conditions in overlay

Submitted by - 4 weeks ago
Status: New Idea
general wind speed/direction temperature precipitation maybe each on its on toggle toggle for c/km<=>f/mph sorry if this has been requested

App disable motion alerts

Submitted by - a week ago
Status: New Idea

The ability to turn on and off motion alerts for a specific or all cameras. I am getting continuous false motion alerts due to a snow storm, it has also happened during a heavy rain storm.



inhave sensitivity turned down low, plus 3 second motion trigger which it appears the system seems to ignore. During this snow event I have had 34 False positive alerts now. Would like to be able to turn alerts off from app VS going to PC logging in and changing..


the next morning I had over 200 false positive motion alerts thanks to snow falling. Never had that with a cheap zmodo system, of course most of the time that failed to alert anyway.

Support Amazon's Echo Show / Spot

Submitted by -
Status: New Idea

It would be super fantastic if you guys added support for the Echo Show. Imagine being able to say "Alexa, show me the driveway." or "Alexa, show me the front door" or "Alexa, show me the back yard." and bam, it streams a video from your Unifi Video cameras or server.

Add Archive to secondary storage location

Submitted by -
Status: New Idea

Please add the ability to archive videos to a secondary location. I am thinking of a solution where you set how many days max retention you want before they are sent to a secondary location such as NFS, or SMB share. See photo. 



Ability to turn cameras on and off remotely

Submitted by - 2 weeks ago
Status: New Idea

I've had a few customers now request the ability to turn a camera on or off remotely. Right now you can only do that by pulling the power, but it would be nice if that could be done via the app and the web browser interface.

Mobile app: FOV simulator for installers or pre-sales

Submitted by - 4 weeks ago
Status: New Idea

Add a feature to the mobile app that uses the phone's built-in camera to simulate what the UVC FOV will be from that location.  Of course the phone's camera would need to have as wide or wider FOV for this to work.


Alternately take the widest FOV model (currently the G3-Pro) and give it preset zoom stops so that the G3-Pro could simulate what the other models would see.  Give the mobile app standalone capability so that the phone and G3-Pro doesn't need the NVR for this function.