New Idea

Record Mode : Motion & Schedule

Submitted by - 3 weeks ago
Status: New Idea

Would be great to make a simple change that allows you to record on motion during the day, and have a schedule setup for full-time recording. This is implemented in a few other consumer platforms and pro platforms, but not in the prosumer environment.


Add an option to the drop down that triggers based on the schedule or the motion detection rules, so we can only record motion during the day for instance, and start a full recording at night. Would save some people on bandwidth and storage knowing they want to record at night, but also record motion during the day.

Unifi Video for Apple TV

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Status: New Idea

It would be great to have a native app on the Apple TV to view my camera views and even recordings. 

Support Amazon's Echo Show / Spot

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Status: New Idea

It would be super fantastic if you guys added support for the Echo Show. Imagine being able to say "Alexa, show me the driveway." or "Alexa, show me the front door" or "Alexa, show me the back yard." and bam, it streams a video from your Unifi Video cameras or server.

Multi camera Timeline video playback

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Status: New Idea

It would be great to see a mulit view playback. This will help you track motion from camera to camera without having to select each one then scan to each motion occurance on each video capture.

Unifi LED panel triggered on motion @ night!

Submitted by - 4 weeks ago
Status: New Idea

Can we please enable the new Unifi LED panel to come on when motion is triggered on the cameras rather than the IR which is not so good on long distance @ night... especially on a construction site outdoors. It would be nice to have an integrated platform rather than islands of technology!


Thanks for your consideration

License Plate Camera

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Status: New Idea

UBNT needs to add a license plate camera to their lineup.  If UBNT can create an LPR at their price structure they would dominate the market.

Add Archive to secondary storage location

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Status: New Idea

Please add the ability to archive videos to a secondary location. I am thinking of a solution where you set how many days max retention you want before they are sent to a secondary location such as NFS, or SMB share. See photo. 



Always record 1FPS; Burst to full FPS on Motion Detection.

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Status: New Idea

I managed over 300 IP cameras running on the Video Insight platform.  One feature we've grown to love is the ability to have the DVR always record at least 1FPS; then burst to full speed on motion detection.  This removes the major gaps between normal motion recording; and also gives you that little proection of "at least something" if the motition detection didn't detect properly.


Would anyone else like to see this option?

Apple Homekit support through controller

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Status: New Idea

In light of this:


  • No Apple-specific security chips required
  • 100% software based authentication allowed
  • No need to join Apple's licensing program (MFi)

I feel like this would be a fantastic addition to the UniFi Video controller. That way we can still get subscription-free cloud access that points to internal local storage, 24x7 recording using the UniFi controller app, AND immediate access through HomeKit. 


See attached Apple Homekit development guide for more information. I was able to get this working in a hacky way using Homebridge and the ffmpeg plugin, it works but it's pretty slow. Direct implementation in the controller that feeds still images and proxies the RTSP feed would be the quickest and most stable way to do it.


This is about the best combination of features for a Video platform. Please consider it.

Option to customize actual FOV on camera map!

Submitted by - a month ago
Status: New Idea

I love the map section of the NVR software! The only issue I have is that the FOV on the map doesn't match the actual FOV in real life. I would love a way to customize the FOV (green range) and adjust the angle so it is much more accurate. It would also be great if you could crop out of sections at walls or obstructions (as seen in the bottom right camera) so that the camera isn't pretending to be Superman Icon Wink!


Picture of Map View (Top camera 1st from the left):

Unifi Map 1.PNG


Picture of actual view:

Unifi Map 2.PNG


Thank you for consideration!

Hard drive usage on home page

Submitted by - 2 weeks ago
Status: New Idea

I find the system configurations to be buried in the UI. It would be nice to see the hard drive/ram usage bar graphs on the home page for quick system health screening.

Unifi Video Mobile App: Push Notification with Picture

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Status: New Idea

Push notifications are great to alert you of movement with your cameras, however, for various reasons false triggers can make them almost useless, especially since everytime you get one, you have to launch the app and check to see what's going on (like alarms in cars we then start to ignore them).  There are only so many ways that you can minimize these false triggers.  However, if there was an option to display the snapshot photo within the notification that triggered the camera then in an instant you can see if there is a legitimate concern or just a bird or blowing trees etc.


This could go a long way to making them much more useful.


Thanks for your consideration.

Additional Infrared (Night Vision) Settings

Submitted by - 3 weeks ago
Status: New Idea

Currently, a camera has three modes of IR operation (Auto, Enabled, Disabled)

-Auto = IR Ilumatitaion and removal of IR Filter use based on ambient lighting conditions

-Enabled = IR Illumination ON and IR filter OUT always

-Disabled = IR Illumination OFF and IR filter IN always


I could use a mode with no IR illumination and IR filter OUT.


This mode will be used when you have a camera that in an area where its internal IR illuminator causes flare, reflection or poor contrast and an external or ambient IR source available.


My case is G3 Micro in a window sill looking outdoors. Its IR illuminator blinds itself with reflected IR flare. However, there are other IR cameras and illuminators in the area that can allow the camera to work if it just turned off its internal illuminators.



Arm and disarm Unifi Video - based on presence detection via the Unifi Controller

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Status: New Idea

A central ARM/Disarm functionality is needed to protect the privacy of me and my family.

Some of the camera's will always be armed (those outside my house). The ones in my house need to be disarmed automatically if my - or my family members - phones are connected to the WIFI.


The way i envision this feature:

  • Unifi Controller:
    • mark some of the devices (eg phones of family members) as precense indicators
  • Unifi video states
    • New states:
      • Armed manually (system cannot be disarmed automatically)
      • Armed automatically (system is armed because no one is present, will be disarmed as soon as presence is detected through the unifi controller)
      • Disarmed automatically (automatically arm if no one present)
      • Disarm manually (system cannot be armed automatically)
    • Camera setting:
      • extra options: Record when only when system is "armed" and motion is detected
    • State toggle in unifi video:
      • Arm (corresponds to armed manually)
      • Disarm - but enable when no one is present (corresponds to Disarmed automatically)
      • Disarm
    • if in state 'Disarmed automatically' poll the unifi controller and see if any devices (that are presence indicators) are connected
      • if not: ARM Unifi video
      • If true: do nothing.

UniFi Video Integration into UniFi controller *Lets UNIFY the UniFi*

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It would be great if the UniFi Video system could be integrated with the UniFi Controller. I know that you don't always want to have access to Video for the Admins and users on the network, but that is where user level access control comes in.


At the very least, integrating the UniFi Video to a point where provisioning of the devices could be done in the main controller would be great. 


The whole idea of the UniFi line is that it is UNIFIED...  So why do we have more than one ecosystem being developed here? If you aren't going to integrate with the rest of the UniFi ecosystem, then you shouldn't have it named UniFi Video, call it EdgeVideo or something like that.

2, 3, 5 camera layouts

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Status: New Idea

In the live view of Video (and possibly Protect) it would be great to be able to choose 2, 3, or 5 camera layouts when the monitor is rotated in portrait.  This would create 2 or 3 widescreen views without having the bottom half, or one corner, of a 4 camera layout from going unused. The 5 camera layout could be one primary camera for the top half of the screen, and a 4 camera layout for the bottom. Another 6 camera layout could use the top two thirds of the screen for two main views, and the bottom third for a 4 camera layout.


Add additional camera views for a monitor rotated in portrait mode to allow for more flexibility setting up live views/camera layouts.

Request: 180/360 camera

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Status: Accepted

It would be nice to have a camera the has a single sensor and lens that can capture a full 180 degrees if wall mounted or 360 if ceiling mounted. I have been using the Axis M3027-PVE for this but I want to find something cheaper.

UVC-Viewer: A Purpose-Built Hardware Appliance For Single, Matrix, and/or Rotating Camera Live View

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Status: New Idea


There are many home-brew solutions (often based on the Raspberry PI platform) for a view-only appliance that can provide a single camera or matrix view of multiple camreas.


See an example here:


And here:


(The later of which has 200+ replies and 17k+ views).

The UniFi Video system seems to emphasis "recording" over "viewing". The problem is that while the recording feature may be paramount for a residential system, nearly any commercial system - be it for a small business, medium-sized company, or large enterprise - will likely want to have at least one or more always-on screens that display a live view of some / all cameras connected to an NVR.


There has been numerious requests to enable the HDMI output on the Ubiquiti-branded appliance (UVC-NVR) but due to the hardware used in the (single) SKU at the moment, this would not really be feasible (i.e., it handles recording just fine, but the additional load required to simuiltaniously display video output via the hardware ports makes it unfeasible for the UVC-NVR to handle).



A purpose built, view-only appliance.





- CPU / RAM / Embedded storage capable of supporting at least 9 (prefably 16 or more) simultanious RSTP streams from an NVR
- A Gigabit ethernet port for network connectivity

- OPTIONAL: Embedded wireless (802.11AC, 2x2 client device; for situations where a wired network interface isn't available)

- 802.3af Support (or, .at, if power requirements mandate it) to allow the unit to be powered via a PoE switch

- Barrel plug power adapter (i.e., for non-PoE environments)
- VGA Output

- HDMI Output





- Able to be adopted / managed in the NVR software (i.e., just as you would a camera)
- Within the NVR, ability to configure each view appliance independently and set the display to output a single camera, a matrix of multiple cameras and/or a "rotation view" (with the ability to customize how frequently sources change for rotation view)

- Ability to adjust quality settings for each camera feed



Why this is important:

Today, the ability to access live feeds from camera requires a web browser or a mobile app. While this may be perfectly acceptable for most residential use-cases, it is cumbersome for business environments and/or "control room" type scenarios.


Additionally, many businesses like to use a view-only monitor mounted in a public area (i.e., to show potential criminals that they are under surveillence in an effort to deter crime). There is not currently a good natively non-kludgy supported option for this, thus why so many people have poured effort into creating third-party hardware solutions, with varying degrees of success (i.e., Raspberry PI solutions typically worth decently well for a few cameras, less so when you get up to 6+).


It should also be noted that in the security camera industry the "dedicated live view monitor" feature is quite common. For instance, most "Costco-special" NVR solutions support the ability for a dedicated video output right on the NVR itself.

While the nature of the Ubiquiti NVR appliance doesn't nessicarily lend itself well to this, given that the support for RSTP has been incorporated into the NVR software, this now opens the door to allow for a robust, Ubiquiti branded hardware solution to be created.

By not having an official solution for hardware-based live view, Ubiquiti is at a competitive disadvantage for many commerical installations. Conversely, creating this optional "add-on" device solves this issue and places Ubiquiti at parity with other solutions that offer this (which allow it's other features to shine).


By having a purpose-built, view-only appliance that is easy to manage within the NVR allows an installer who finds the Ubiquiti solution otherwise well-suited, but may not be able to sell the solution due to it's lack of live view, to now have an option to be able to market the UniFi video product to a business that has a requirement for a "no-nonsense" live view monitor.


Simply buy the UVC-Viewer appliance, connect it to a monitor, configure it in the NVR software - problem solved!


Submitted by - 4 weeks ago
Status: New Idea

Seriously cannot believe there isn't an outdoor PTZ with Pan tilt option. Very disappointed. That made me look for an alternative solution. We work on Superyachts and were excited by the new range cctv as it would have blended in well with the boats. Something like the image below mounted to the deckheads with a really high IP rating would be a game changer to the CCTV line. This should have been standard in the implementation of these products. All of our customers want to be able to zoom pan and tilt. I was shocked as the line looks great but no ptz Man Sad. We would have been installing them all over. 












Submitted by -
Status: New Idea

Develop a line of G3 cameras that have a pan & tilt feature that can be done through the app or software.  My Foscams have it and would love to see the G3 get it.