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New Idea

Support new Secure Video for Homekit announced by Apple

Submitted by 2 weeks ago
Status: New Idea


more details to come but would be very excited to purchase new things based on this tech.  

Usage of UniFi Protect without cloud

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Status: New Idea

We were happy users of UniFi Video NFR and App till we made the mistake to update to UniFi Protect NFR (Cloud Key2+) and UniFi Protect App.


Our NFR and cameras were well protected behind a firewall and there existed no contact to the internet for the whole setup. We used our iPads/iPhones to connect directly to the NFR without Ubiquiti's cloud based login. Form the local site(s) through WIFI and from remote through client VPN connection.


This works great and meets perfectly all policy and legal requirements.


Now with UniFi Protect we cannot use iPhones/iPads to access camara management and camera views.

The "UniFi Protect App" - in contrast to the "UniFi Video App" cannot connect directly to the NFR.

An Ubiquity account and a connection to is required to access the NVR.


I know that the media stream will be directly between the App and the NVR, but a connection from the NVR and the App to the internet / Ubiquiti cloud service is required,


For us this is not an option. Connection our isolated video surveillance setup to the internet is not allowed by company/contractor policies, and it will raise various legal questions/problems.


The possibility to use UniFi Video without any cloud contact was one of the primary factors for the decision to use Ubiquiti.

The features and quality of the UniFi solutions is gereat, but if it can't be used without cloud in the very near future, we don't have a choice but must search for a new solution/vendor and abandon UniFi. :-(


I'd prefere to stay with Ubiquiti, so I hope the possibility to connect the UniFi Protect App directly to the UniFi Protect NFV aka CloudKey2+ will come soon.


Thanks in advance,



How about a Roku Channel/App?

Submitted by 2 weeks ago
Status: New Idea

I love the idea of being able to check my cameras on my TV using the Roku. I currently have it working using a third party "IP Camera Viewer" app that can only connect to a stand-alone Unifi camera by way of the anonymous jpeg feature (http://camera_ip/snap.jpeg) so I have to run my camera in unmanaged mode, with no video recording. Ideally, I'd love to see an official Unifi Video "channel" (app) for Roku that allows you to connect either to stand-alone cameras indivually or that can connect to a Unifi NVR running on your home network so video feeds can be accessed without interfering with your camera or NVR configuration. Similar in function to the mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Push/Email Notification when Controller Health status is degraded

Submitted by a week ago
Status: New Idea


Please add Push/Email Notification when Controller Health status is degraded.




Support Amazon's Echo Show / Spot

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Status: New Idea

It would be super fantastic if you guys added support for the Echo Show. Imagine being able to say "Alexa, show me the driveway." or "Alexa, show me the front door" or "Alexa, show me the back yard." and bam, it streams a video from your Unifi Video cameras or server.

Door Bell Camera with 2way talk

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Status: New Idea

There are some really old threads that talk about the idea of making a system that would work just like the Ring Door Bell or other solutions... has UBNT made a choice of moving forward with an option or not?

Add Archive to secondary storage location

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Status: New Idea

Please add the ability to archive videos to a secondary location. I am thinking of a solution where you set how many days max retention you want before they are sent to a secondary location such as NFS, or SMB share. See photo. 



License Plate Camera

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Status: New Idea

UBNT needs to add a license plate camera to their lineup.  If UBNT can create an LPR at their price structure they would dominate the market.

Google home integration

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Status: New Idea

It would be nice to have a google home integration like thenest cameras.

Apple Homekit support through controller

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Status: New Idea

In light of this:


  • No Apple-specific security chips required
  • 100% software based authentication allowed
  • No need to join Apple's licensing program (MFi)

I feel like this would be a fantastic addition to the UniFi Video controller. That way we can still get subscription-free cloud access that points to internal local storage, 24x7 recording using the UniFi controller app, AND immediate access through HomeKit. 


See attached Apple Homekit development guide for more information. I was able to get this working in a hacky way using Homebridge and the ffmpeg plugin, it works but it's pretty slow. Direct implementation in the controller that feeds still images and proxies the RTSP feed would be the quickest and most stable way to do it.


This is about the best combination of features for a Video platform. Please consider it.

URL GET on motion

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Status: New Idea

It would be nice to be able to make a simple GET request to a user defined url when motion is detected on a camera. If people got a home automation system, that could be used to turn on lights or other things.

Unifi Video Mobile App: Push Notification with Picture

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Status: New Idea

Push notifications are great to alert you of movement with your cameras, however, for various reasons false triggers can make them almost useless, especially since everytime you get one, you have to launch the app and check to see what's going on (like alarms in cars we then start to ignore them).  There are only so many ways that you can minimize these false triggers.  However, if there was an option to display the snapshot photo within the notification that triggered the camera then in an instant you can see if there is a legitimate concern or just a bird or blowing trees etc.


This could go a long way to making them much more useful.


Thanks for your consideration.

Always record 1FPS; Burst to full FPS on Motion Detection.

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Status: New Idea

I managed over 300 IP cameras running on the Video Insight platform.  One feature we've grown to love is the ability to have the DVR always record at least 1FPS; then burst to full speed on motion detection.  This removes the major gaps between normal motion recording; and also gives you that little proection of "at least something" if the motition detection didn't detect properly.


Would anyone else like to see this option?

Unifi Video for Apple TV

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Status: New Idea

It would be great to have a native app on the Apple TV to view my camera views and even recordings. 

Integration with Google Assistant/ Android TV, Chromecast

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Status: New Idea

It would be nice to be able to integrate Unifi Video with Google Assistant to pull up video feed from a particular camera on chromecast or android TV app.


You could also have google start/ stop recording or even disable recording for particular cameras and enable recording again by voice.


Assistant Use Cases:

Ok Google, show me the front door camera on Living Room TV

Ok Google, disable recording on indoor group/ camera

Ok Google, disable recording on indoor camera for 1 hour

Ok Google, tell me the status of my camera

Ok Google, lets listen to the driveway camera

Ok Google, take a snapshot on front door camera


Android TV App

Self explanatory



To be viewed by Google Home voice to pull up a feed or view/ group of cameras

Feature request for motion detection enhancement

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Status: New Idea



Here are a list with feature requests:


* Motion detection not triggerd by snow/rain/wind

* Motion detection not triggerd by IR on/off

* License Plate identification so mail/notification can be sent if or if not identified (or always)

* Identification of people so mail/notification can be sent if or if not identified (or always)

* Motion detection setting to not detect animals


Best regards

Front Door Video Intercom

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Status: New Idea

Would really like to see a Front Door bell replacement unit built by Ubiquiti, sort of like, Aiphone IX series or Comelit VIP.


1. Unit would replace doorbell with a POE unit that has a fish eye camera and 2 way speaker.

2.  Camera video would be integrated into UniFi Video for recordings.

3. When someone rings the bell it would of course trigger wired doorbell chime already in a home but would do cloud push notifications to the UniFi video app on iOS & Android phones/tablets, UVP to answer person at the door whether at home or away.

4.  There would be a door release trigger

5. Integrate with intercom functionality on UVP phones so that UVP phones could see the camera and respond with two way audio.

Doorbell Camera

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Status: New Idea

UBNT, it's one of the most requested camera products we get.... Help u$ help you!


Make a UNIFI doorbell cam!  I'm about to buy the August doorbell ($199, their locks are GREAT) but I really want ALL of my camera footage on my UBNT NVRs and UBNT cloud. 


Can we get a yes or no this is planned? See lots of requests....


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Status: New Idea

Develop a line of G3 cameras that have a pan & tilt feature that can be done through the app or software.  My Foscams have it and would love to see the G3 get it.