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2 different cameras infrared stopped working at the same time. Related or not?

I have a remote location where I have 2 cameras installed, One 3G Dome, and one 720P micro.

I call it remote becuase they are not located in the same building as the Unifi Video recorder.


Both of those cameras have more or less simulataneously developed a problem with the infrared shutter.

On the 3G dome, the image is completely dark when in infrared mode, and the sound when switching to infrared is not sounding as it normally does.

On the micro, the image is half/half infrared filtered in dark mode, so the shutter probably sticks half-way between.

See attached screenshot of both cameras.


Both seem to operate normally in daylight mode.

Both are using firmware 4.4.6 and Unifi Video recorder is at version 3.9.7.


Since it happended at the same time, could this be a firmware issue?

Or am I just very unlucky?


Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 23.11.49.png