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3.10.1 Looking Promising so far

So far 3.10.1 has corrected some of my biggest issues.


1.  Latest iOS can now replay videos with sound working.

2.  Full Screen in Chrome now restored.

3.  Minor performance and bug issues seem to mitigated.


Timeline looks like it will never get the love it needs but i can live with that Man Happy

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Re: 3.10.1 Looking Promising so far

Same here, and the update went smoothly on an Ubiquiti NVR 500GB. (6 cam setup)


Nice work dev's! Hurray

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Re: 3.10.1 Looking Promising so far

[ Edited ]

Just adding to express my gratitude. It took a while to come out, but 3.10.1 fixed the biggest issue for us which was the fullscreen view not working. Our Windows 7 install with 35 cameras migrated without a hitch. 


I will add that the magic zoom does break as mentioned in another post, but it looks like they've acknowledged and were able to reproduce it themselves.


Thank you devs, for your work and continued support of our Unifi Video systems.