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3.10.1 and 100% Disk Usage / Stopped Recordings

Since moving from 3.9.12 to 3.10.1 I've had nothing but issues with this upgrade.


I have no Health Issues, and there may not be any health issues for quite a while, hard drive hovers around 40-50% usage, Memory around 20% and CPU is very little 5-10% usually.


But then all of a sudden, Hard drive shoots up to 100%, and Health Status turns red, the cameras stop recording. (One Camera said it was still recording but there was nothing left and it was hours ago)


I wouldn't care if it took a little longer to handle the recordings, but when it completely stops recording cameras it's a bit of an issue.


I even installed a new hard drive just for the new recordings and new database incase the old one was faulty (Despite there being no errors in the drive)


It's getting a bit frustrating, can provide logs if needed.