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3.10.1 --> RTSP broken

After reconfiguring for a couple hours 3.10.1 is running.


An new challenge occurs:


I had setup RTSP in my 3.9 


So in my fresh setup I try to setup RTSP aswell. 

When I open up a camera I change the RTSP setting for "LOW" to "ON" and click save.

An RTPS URL is shown. After 1 minute the setting automaticaly changes to "OFF" again :-(

Switching to "ON" gives a complete new RTSP URL. And after a minute or so the setting is switched off again. 

Log out from the backend en log in again and the setting is sometimes "OFF" sometimes "ON" with a complete new RTSP URL.


So my live streams are broken. 

I need this fixed ASAP

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Re: 3.10.1 --> RTSP broken

I have RTSP streams on a lot of my servers (For displays of remote areas- Some even in different states).

- ALL of mine were on 3.9.12 and have upgraded most to 3.10.1 and have not seen a problem with RTSP having any changes.

- I have NOT tried to turn any on or off that were not on or off previously.

I normally turn on all streams on all cameras. I have a script that gets and builds the URL's for each location for both VLC (Receptionists looking at different areas to make sure employees are not all MIA or not with other customers before routing calls).


So were these new installs, or upgrades?


What OS?

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Re: 3.10.1 --> RTSP broken

These were existing installs... But in the end I hard-resetted the device and made them fresh installs.

OS: The one that comes on the NVR device