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Android Live View - Only first camera updates

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I was really hoping to set up an Android tablet to monitor a few cameras.


The app installed fine, and cameras show up and I can view any of them from the camera view without any hitches or glitches, good quality.


If I tap the live view and add a few cameras, only the first one really seems to work.  The others show the three cycling dots in the lower left as though they are loading, and occasionaly the pictures will even change to another of the cameras and then flip back, but all static images from what I can tell, no video updating seems to take place.


Since I cannot find any way to get to the web interface on Android, it kicks me out telling me the browser is not supported, I really need this to work. Since the option is there, it seemed logical to assume that it should work.


Testing on a Amazon Fire 7" tablet, 5th gen.   Oh, also tried on my Nokia 6.1 phone running Android Pie and it behaves the same. I am on the Android beta channel, so if I need to back off to the released version, I can try that, but I really don't want to leave the beta program.... Man Happy


I tried to locate the latest version, 1.3.5 Build 10305001 and the controller version is 3.10.1.