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Axis Installer looking to try UniFi

So we've installed hundreds of the Axis IP cameras and are a certified installer. However I'm thinking of trying out UniFi for an upcoming project. 


The client said they were also interested in a system called Rhombus Systems, which seems to be units that have a hardware cost then a monthly cost for recording to the cloud.


So I'm here to see what you guys have to say about the Unifi Cameras especially compared to the Rhombus units. 



Obviosly price point from the Axis to the Unifi is a big factor usually we use the Axis M series 3025, 3027, 3026 with ExacqVision recorders. 


However in this scenario I'm looking to do a more price friendly setup. So that's what prompted me to consider the Unifi System. 


So your thoughts on Unifi vs. Axis and Unifi vs. Rhombus? 


Probably about 15 cameras in total 

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Re: Axis Installer looking to try UniFi

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I'm not familiar with Rhombus, but lookng at their website- The cameras it shows looks like a toy. Unless I'm not seeing completely- it appears they offer a single style camera with 135 degree field of view. Certainly good in some cases- but not in others.


Personally- I am NEVER a fan of cloud only and of constantly recurring payments. (15 cams at $6/mo each for $75/month???) What happens if the company sells out or goes belly-up next week? And the "unlimited" cameras certainly is limited- by bandwidth and more. If your customer would like to pay me almost $1000/year, I will gladly host their recordings. I'll even provide them longer retention that 15 days.


Therefore, I think you're putting your reputation on the line by installing what turns into a long-term constant cost with minimal quality.


As for Unifi- many of us will probably tell you- we love the cameras, but we aren't always impresed with the software. Lots of good things, and enough bad to question it. I haven't played with the new series "Protect" software, but from reading all of the posts- it comes across like cr-apple software. It's pretty and seems to work- but doesn't allow you to do anything outside of its basic capabilities. They also force you to use their hardware recorder, which is another turnoff for me at least- and will completely dump the UBNT camera line if they stays the course.


The Unifi Video 3.9.9 currently offered is decent, not great, but functional enough if they don't have anything too special. I've installed these systems in commercial environments, factories, residential setups and government buildings and parks- all with minimal issue.


In my opinion- Unifi would be the cheapest choice available. You just have to decide if you will use their cameras and software, or whether you may look at other recording options such as BlueIris on a windows box, a synology diskstation using surveillance station, or some other software option. If saving cost, the Unifi 3.9.9 on a basic computer should do you just fine for now. 


That's my thoughts. Good luck