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Can't search videos on chrome or Firefox

Hello all, 


Yet again I am having serious problems with unifi video for basic functionality.


I now can't search for recordings without chrome or Firefox throwing a fit and hanging. When Firefox eventually loads the selected time I'm looking for it won't play back the video. 


It seems to be one thing after another with unifi video making me look like an incompetent clown in front of my customers. 


The files search and playback fine on android.


I have tried on multiple PCs and servers to get playback working and have hit the same wall. 


Anyone have any ideas? 

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Re: Can't search videos on chrome or Firefox

Hey there, 


Firefox won't really be able to plaback footage on UniFi Video, there are various standards UFV uses that Firefox has not yet implemented.


Under the Chrome console(right click > inspect > console) do you see any errors pop up when you attempt to pull up a recording? That and the `Network > All` should show some useful information about what's happening. 


The server.log and mongo.log in the UFV support file should also show a bit of what's going on. Would you feel comfortable sharing some information from these to assist with troubleshooting?

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