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Connect UVC G3 to Unifi NVR over Internet

Hello, I have a customer that want to increase his Unifi video system with two more cameras. The two new cameras are separated from the NVR by internet. The problem is that the cameras get disconnected from the NVR and don’t come back up. ´


At first the only way to get them adopted to the NVR was to upgrade the firmware in the cameras webui. If I didn’t do that the NVR just said something like “disconnected wrong credentials”.


When the camera is adopted the NVR start to upgrade the camera. Even if the firmware is the latest. The camera disconnects and don’t come back up again. At all time you can log in to the cameras webUi, so I don’t think the update really starts.


The only way to get the cameras up and running is to change the address to Unifi video server in the camera webui. I change between the IP number and the hostname we have from Dyndns.


The version on the NVR is 3.9.5 running on Ubuntu server 16.04, and the cameras is UVC G3 on version v4.2.13.

I have opened this ports on the NVR side nothing on the camera side


22 TCP

6666 UDP

7442 TCP

7443 TCP


Anyone have any idea of what is going on

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Re: Connect UVC G3 to Unifi NVR over Internet

Hi @flygare, welcome to the community!

I would suggest the following:

- Unmanage the cameras from UniFi Video
- Factory reset the cameras
- In UFV settings, generate and copy the Camera Adoption Token
- In the camera, confirm the firmware version again, then attempt a token-based adoption

To confirm, in addition to opening the ports on your NVR, all of those ports have been forwarded via your NAT firewall?

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Re: Connect UVC G3 to Unifi NVR over Internet

The cameras have been up and running for almost a week with no problems. It was the adoption that didn´t worked as expected. Cameras got offline after firmware upgrade, and didn´t came back online again. But for fun I will reset one of the cameras and try the adoption token-based before I install them at the customers place. And yes I was talking about portforwarding in the NAT firewall.



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Re: Connect UVC G3 to Unifi NVR over Internet

@flygare wrote:

Cameras got offline after firmware upgrade, and didn´t came back online again...

Depending what version you upgraded from, there was a recent port change where the cams now use port 7442 instead of 7443.  Also, if you applied a custom SSL cert, that no longer works with the cams.

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