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IR / Night Vision Flashes

i have 31 cameras in two states on a single NVR. The NVR is in NC and the cameras are on a single router and different switches.

There is a fiber connection between the switches. The problem is that the IR flashes and it records the event. Cameras set to record motion only or schedule. the ir is set to Auto/Low on all the cameras and the motion detection area is set different in all the cameras. One of the cameras has a false ir recording event about every 12 hours.

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Re: IR / Night Vision Flashes

Recording on IR flip is normal for the G3 series.  They tried suppressing mocord on IR flip but it worked too well and also suppressed recording legitimate motion so it was removed.  The gen2 cams still have mocord suppression on IR flip.  It would appear the transition time the G3 needs to adjust to the change is just too long.