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Motion detection

Good Morning,

We have installed a video surveillance system Unifi Video with 3 cameras and an NVR. Attached screenshots of the NVR configuration.

Unifi Video Android App version: 1.3.5
Unifi Video IOS App: driver version = 3.9.12, version of the application = 1.3.8 (compilation 206)


The first problem I have is with the Unifi Video mobile App. From my Android phone, I installed the App and added the local access (connection to the NVR by the local Wi-Fi network) to the NVR of the client and when I restart the App, this profile is recorded and I can select it directly to access the NVR locally. When I'm abroad, I add the remote access (connection to the NVR by the mobile data network) and when I restart the App, this profile is also recorded and so I can directly select it to remotely access the NVR. After adding these two profiles, these are recorded on the main screen as you can see in a screenshot that I attached "Capture + _2019-01-29-10-47-08.png".
The problem occurs when I try to perform these two operations on the client's mobile, an iPhone, and only the last access profile is recorded. This causes the client to have to enter the access data to the NVR when it goes from local to remote or from remote to local.

The second problem I have is with motion detection. In the camera "Entrance" I want to detect the presence of people in the entrance hall of the house and for that, I set up a reduced detection zone so that it only detects people and nothing else (such as animals, tree movements) , ...). I set a minimum sensitivity of 80 to detect the movement of people both at the beginning and at the end of the corridor. If I reduce the sensitivity more, I can not detect the people at the end of the corridor. After adjusting the sensitivity to 80, I verify that in addition to people, tb detects birds that pass in the detection zone and shadows. The next step was to reduce the detection zone to the minimum (see "Entrance - Zones - CONFIGURE.png") and even then movements are detected (see video "20190205.125008.Entrance.mp4"). Is it possible to configure the camera so that it does not detect small objects or shadows?

Thank you very much for your help.

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Re: Motion detection

You could try Magic Zoom to crop the image or locate the camera closer.  Moving shadows, birds, and any other object close to the lens will always false trigger.  You could try setting MMET so that only longer duration movement will trigger.  Version 3.10.x has a new motion algo that might give you slightly better results.