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NVR Sluggish...too many cameras?

We have a Unifi 2TB NVR with about 14 cameras.


We're finding that the unit seems very sluggish, particularly viewing one of the cameras in livestream.


The network we are on has ample capacity, so we don't think it is a network problem. But the images pixelate and are jerky. This wasn't the case when we had fewer units.


Is there any solution OTHER than purchasing a seperate computer and migrating to a non-NVR appliance solution?


Anything else likely to be making images in livestream refresh slowly and not pixelate?

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Re: NVR Sluggish...too many cameras?

Hi @SeattleDavid,

Are you seeing this while viewing multiple cameras only, or does it do it as well when viewing a single live stream?

Just to confirm, are you using the latest version of Chrome with HW Acceleration enabled (default state)? Is the NVR running UniFi Video v3.9.7?

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Re: NVR Sluggish...too many cameras?

is the recording option on motion or always recording?

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Re: NVR Sluggish...too many cameras?

1) Recording option is set to "Motion".


2) The primary sluggishness is in these cases:


-When you click on a camera for Live View it can take a very long time for the video to start. There are three sequencing dots in the lower right corner that chase each other for minutes.


-When watching a recording, if you move the slider to the middle of the video (to skip forward) from within the IOS application (connected to the same LAN as the NVR) you can wait minutes for it to start.


There are 14 cameras connected...10 G3-Pro, 2 G3 Dome, and 2 G3 Flex. It is the 2TB version of the Unifi NVR.


Everything is on the latest firmware/software.


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Re: NVR Sluggish...too many cameras?

The problems primarially happen when:

  1. Using an IOS device and the Video app, when watching a recording and skipping ahead. Or,
  2. Using Chrome when watching a video and skipping ahead in the video.
  3. In Chrome when attemnpting to view a live stream.


The main symptom is that the three sequencing dots in the lower right corner sequence for minutes. Basically, seeking ahead in a recording is reliably very slow. (It can take 3~5 minutes to begin playback.) Starting up a stream is often very slow.


The problem is much less about breaking up and pixelating during active playback.


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Re: NVR Sluggish...too many cameras?

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I am the least knowledgable person on this forum and should not be posting, but just for comparison... we have 20 cams using the same NVR you have and we see no latency on our p2p network.  Recording is set to motion on all but 3 cams and most are set to hi-rez. We typically set the Seconds to Record for both before and after to 5 seconds.


On 1 PC, we have Live View up and running 24/7 for all 20 cams. Again, no real latency.



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Re: NVR Sluggish...too many cameras?

The UniFi NVR is a simple appliance with low-end hardware. It's not meant for so many simultaneous 1080p streaming cameras.


I would find a PC you have lying around that was made within the last 5-7 years, add more RAM to it, and migrate. The migration process really is not that difficult and simply involves following instructions.


This forum post's solution has pretty good steps on how to migrate:


Good luck!