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Record at high bitrate, but view at lower bitrate

I have a quartet of UVC-g3 cameras connected to an NVR.  Most of them I record at the maximum bitrate because the HD resolution is high enough to read license plates and make out facial features.  Good stuff if you need to file a police report.


But the site in question gets a lot of "false alarms", so to speak, on the motion detector.  There's a lot of legit visitors.  The police regularly stop by for a quick check on their rounds.  There's a public nature preserve next door so there's curious dog walkers wandering by.  All that stuff.


Each time I get an alert about motion detected, it's kind of a pain in the ass to watch it to see what's been recorded because the high bitrate makes for long response times.  


Is it possible to record the same camera feed at two bitrates?  One at high-def for archival purposes, and one at a lower-def for motion detection and quick spot-checks?

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Re: Record at high bitrate, but view at lower bitrate

No, dual-bitrate recording or live transcoding is not available. That said, you may want to consider testing Adaptive Bitrate. You should be able to maintain high video quality while reducing bitrate automatically to what is required for the scene at that moment.

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