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Remote Access Security for Unifi Video NVR / Cameras

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I was wondering if some one could give me some best practices for security when it comes to accessing my NVR or cameras remotely? I'm new to the Unifi platform, coming from standard IP cameras like Foscam. I used to only access my cameras via VPN to use encrytped network traffic and never risk snooping on networks while remote. I'm concerned with using my Ubiquiti account to access via '' or phone application... 


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


My Setup:

ER PoE Router (L2TP Ipsec VPN is setup)

Unifi NVR

15 Unifi Cameras (Bullet, Dome mixture)


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Re: Remote Access Security for Unifi Video NVR / Cameras

Hi @thames,


Security as you know, works in layers and I'm sure other members will be happy to provide you with many solutions to increase security.


That said; I wanted to point out that when using; the connection is encrypted directly between the NVR and the Client automatically.

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