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Sort recordings by length

I've searched around to see if anyone had any suggestions. Most of what I came up with is people asking why it went away a few years ago and a few other feature requests. UBNT has been silent on the issue from what I can find. I'm not really a developer but I did dig around the Javascript for awhile it looks like the length is dynamically created as the clip is shown in the list based off of the start time of the clip and end time.


Has anyone else really dug into this and discovered the same? I'm hoping someone has some work arounds, even if they have caveats. It's probably easy for me to say, but I wonder why the clip length isn't calculated when the record is added to the database, that way the field can be called and sorted on like every other column is. I'm happy to hear why it won't work or what the reasoning is.


I might not be so frustrated by something that is seemingly easy enough to rectify if UBNT hasn't been radio silent in the matter.