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Trouble Updating from 3.8.0

I'm using the NVR appliance.


Whenever I try to update, it never completes. I've tried letting it run for over an hour and it just stops responding. I need to reboot the device to get logged back into it but it's still at 3.8.0.


I tried following the instructions here - and it didn't help. The last few lines are:


unifi-video: /var/lib/dpkg/info/unifi-video.postinst configure 3.8.0
update-rc.d: using dependency based boot sequencing
postinst.configure: creating /usr/lib/unifi-video/data symlink to /srv/unifi-video
[FAIL] Starting Ubiquiti UniFi Video: unifi-video (already running) failed!

Can anyone help me get this device udpated? Ideally, to 3.8.5.


Thank you!

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Re: Trouble Updating from 3.8.0

If you SSH to the NVR and try to stop the service twice, does the second try say it is already stopped?  There are some edge cases where the service will not stop and so needs to be force killed and then the database repaired.  If you are uncomfortable with the steps required I suggest to open an incident with live chat.

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Re: Trouble Updating from 3.8.0

Thanks for the reply. I did chat with support, they suggested I:


apt-get update; apt-get upgrade; apt-get clean
sudo dpkg -i unifi-video.Debian7_amd64.v3.8.5.deb


and then after a:

sudo service unifi-video restart

It worked perfectly.


Thanks for the advice!