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UV To Protect a high street - ideas anyone?

I've been asked to investigate the possibility of installing some UV G3 cameras along a high street by a local community due to recent vandalism. Other options they could consider are to install underground cabling etc and have 'traditional' CCTV but i'm looking at the UV route. I'm wondering if anyone else has used UV/G3 to install something similar and if so how you achieved it? I'm looking into using Nano ACs as wifi stations installed at intervals along the street with a G3 linked to each one, talking back to the main AP that is the linked to the NVR unit. Total distance is probably about 400M down straight street - below are snapshots of the area.


Capture.PNGView down High StreetCapture1.PNGOverhead View of high street

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Re: UV To Protect a high street - ideas anyone?

Look interesting! A Nano AC would work great. I'm assuming you have 24/7 power on the light poles (or some poles)? If you did that would appear to be your best option.