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Unifi G3 Micro replacement power cable

So, some months back I unwisely tried using my Unifi G3 Micro as a pet monitor for my young puppy. It turns out that she could jump at the cable, so I quickly took it down, but not before she managed to get her teeth on it. Now that she's older and knows to ignore electronics, I decided to set it up again, only to discover that the power cable was damaged by her teeth on that earlier incident such that the camera fails to receive (sufficient?) power unless I position the cable just right. When I do get it right, the camera still works perfectly fine, but if it is a little off, the power gets cut, and that happens way too easily.

How can I obtain a replacement power cable (in NZ power plug configuration) without having to buy an entire new Unifi G3 Micro?

In the worst case scenario, I expect that I could buy an 802.3af POE injector, connect that to the adapter that has lain unused in the box, and from there power the camera, but it'll be a bulky setup so I would rather just buy a replacement power cable.


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Re: Unifi G3 Micro replacement power cable

Hey @aranelchan, sent you a PM

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