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Windows 10 Service Stops



So I know the UniFi Video Service is not supported on Windows 10x64, but I have a client that currently has a 9 camera system running on it. Every now and then the service will stop. No rhyme or reason. Usage doesn't seem crazy but I plan to run a RAM disk setup on it to alleviate any potential medium issues. Anything else I should be looking at? (Compatibility mode, java, things like that)

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Re: Windows 10 Service Stops

Hi @div1ded,

Without seeing logs, we do have some users who are reporting issues when running Java 8 build 161/162. If you have upgraded to this release, you may want to stop the unifi-video service, uninstall Java completely, and re-install JRE 8 151.

If that doesn't work, I'd suggest checking the server.log and mongod.log files at the time the service stops for any indications of an error.

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