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live view of 9 cam's, only the pro's get stuck

Strange item that I have been tracking.  Log into the NRV from my PC (not the same machine as the nvr), put up a live view of 9 cams,  after some time (maybe an hour, maybe 30 mins)  all of the pro's stop/get stuck.  if someone where to walk into view, my PC would not show it, but it is recorded, so the cam's are working, it's just the live feed that gets stuck.  this only impacts my 3 G3 pro's, all other cams NEVER do this.


1- g3 (no pro), 5-g3 dome, 3-G3 pro


NRV:  home built

8 cores  (average utilization is under 10%)

8 gig of ram (1g used are ram disk)  under 3gig's used including the ram disk allocation

dedicated 10k rpm disk  (disk queue is under 0.20)

NIC utilization 40MB

recording motion only


the NRV is not all that busy.


Viewing PC:

16 cores,  32 gig's of ram,  10k rpm dedicated disk


the PC is not doing that much all day.  just waching the video feeds.


anyone else see this?

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Re: live view of 9 cam's, only the pro's get stuck

I have the same problem since I upgrade to 3.9.8. Only one of them goes out immediately, and after 12 hours everyone gets stuck. I think every upgrade is worse and worse. Even the picture has big noise now, which was not the case.

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Re: live view of 9 cam's, only the pro's get stuck

Hi @Alex-

Is anything else displayed on the camera live view when this happens? Any errors, or the dots at the bottom?

Does refreshing the tab restore the stream?

If you change the stream to the High channel (assuming it's recording High) does this also happen?

What version of Chrome are you running?

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