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unifi nvr 500gb

hi guys 

hope one of you can spread some light on my isue .

i have the nvr 500gb model which has three unifi cameras connected , one - g3 dome recording at 1080

                                                                                                                 one - uvc g3 recording at 1080 

                                                                                                                one = unifi micro recording at 720

my issue is the hard drive fills up in just 4 days with constant recording on all three cameras .


is there any way i could connect an external hd to record to ?

can it be done ?

any help would be great , thank you 

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Re: unifi nvr 500gb

Hi @matwom,

We have an article on how to add an external USB 3.0 drive to an NVR, which you can find here:

That said, you can also increase retention by properly configuring motion detection based recordings. Taking the time to tune motion sensitivity and using a minimum motion event trigger of 1s or 2s can significantly reduce false positive recordings.

Finally, consider enabling Adaptive Bitrate on the High channel for your G3 and G3-Dome cameras, as this will drastically reduce storage needs by reducing bitrate when the cameras are recording a relatively static scene.

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Re: unifi nvr 500gb

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Like what @UBNT-Cody said tuning the motion detection is key and motion zones.


I had 8 cams going to a 500gb drive and got almost 2 months out of it

Matt W