UniFi VoIP Release Notes

by Previous Employee UBNT-Devin ‎10-04-2016 07:25 PM - edited ‎10-30-2016 02:41 PM

This is the next General Availability Release for UniFi VoIP (UVP) App/Platform. 


App Version:

Platform Version:


Release Notes:

  • UVP(UVP Basic, UVP Pro, UVP Executive) =
  • Please help close all open threads if this version resolves them by tagging @UBNT-Devin. Thanks!

New Features

  • Added SIP over TLS Support
  • Added SRTP Support
  • Added VLAN Support
  • Added ability to record call
  • Added ability for Theme Lock to block applications.
  • Disabled Inform port 8080

Enhancement and bugs fixed:

  • [Enhancement] Audio Latency reduced by 50%(~200-230ms)
  • [Enhancement] Contact List Optimization
  • [Enhancement] Added BLF tab to call transfer menu.
  • [Enhancement] Display dial pad automatically when tapping voicemail.
  • [Enhancement] Optimized the use of back on in-call UI.
  • [Enhancement] Optimized registration error codes displayed.
  • [Enhancement] UVP App will automatically return to prior state after an incoming call is completed.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed SIPService RTP Start Port null int exception
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed call congestion issue when multiple calls are ended simultaneously.
  • [Bug Fix] Controller was unable to enable SIP over TCP.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed issue where UVP would fail to register when UVP receives no response from STUN Server.

How to perform the upgrade

There are multiple ways to upgrade your UVP devices to the next version.

  • On the UVP device itself open the UVP App -> click Settings -> click About -> click Check Update, then follow the prompts.
  • On the UniFi VoIP Controller locate the phone in the devices tab and click the upgrade button next to the phone(s).(VoIP Controller -> Settings -> Controller -> Click the "Check" button to the right of "Update Image Cache")  (If using cache the Update button will not be immediately available as the Controller is downloading the update.)

Known Limitations

  • UVP Version 5.0.2 or greater is required to use the VoIP Controller
  • UVP Version >5.0.6 is no longer compatible with the UniFi Controller
  • UVP Version <4.6.1 must be manually upgraded.