UniFi VoIP Release Notes

by Previous Employee UBNT-Devin ‎05-03-2016 07:45 AM - edited ‎05-03-2016 07:45 AM

This is the next General Availability Release for UniFi VoIP (UVP) App/Platform. 


App Version:

Platform Version:


Release Notes:

  • UVP(UVP Basic, UVP Pro, UVP Executive) =
  • Please help close all open threads if this version resolves them by tagging @UBNT-Devin. Thanks!

New Features

  • Added an option in Settings -> Display -> Force Landscape to force apps displayed in landscape mode in UVP Exec.
  • Added volume dynamic range control.
  • Added Call Busy Notification.

Enhancement and bugs fixed:

  • [Enhancement] Added return button in 3-way conference call
  • [Enhancement] Added status of dialing and ringing when a call initiated
  • [Enhancement] Calibrated the position of Android "Home" button under immersive mode
  • [Enhancement] Changed T9 contact search on dial pad to be case insensitive
  • [Enhancement] Changed to new icon design for speakerphone toggle in light theme
  • [Enhancement] Improve stability of Phone App/SIPService
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed mute key behavior
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed buzzing issues caused by sidetone
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed incorrect URL of Controller displayed in Phone UI
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed font size issues when using enlarged font sizes
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed issues theme did not persist with controller SIP updates. 
  • [Bug Fix] Display call busy when the counterpart of a call is busy
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed behavior of "incoming call action" setting after Controller updates.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed paused timer when a call is on hold.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed SIP Accounts provisioning when language changes
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed "Update SIP settings from DHCP option" when Phone App launch / Phone restart

How to perform the upgrade

There are multiple ways to upgrade your UVP devices to the next version.

  • On the UVP device itself open the UVP App -> click Settings -> click About -> click Check Update, then follow the prompts.
  • On the UniFi Controller locate the phone in the devices tab and click the upgrade button next to the phone(s).(May require you to restart the controller service)

Configuration Guides

Known Limitations

  • UVPs with versions prior to 4.6.4 may have issues adopting to the controller.
  • UVPs with versions prior to 4.6.4 do not have the "Check Update" button in the about menu on the UVP App.