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Copy the best products from Yealink (T46S) and Sangoma (FreePBX)

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I really wanted to simplify my deployment and if I could I would go all Ubiquiti.


However, your VoIP phones look like a toy. Yes, we are all fine with our all touch screen mobile phones, but a deskphone needs hard keys. Want a great phone? Clone the Yealink T46S (exactly like Sangoma did with their S700 phone).


Cloud PBX is a reality for small businesses in very developed countries. Otherwise you need the voice traffic on your LAN and interfacing with E1 links (and even POTS). For a great PBX, look no further than FreePBX.


Maybe, just acquire Sangoma and join the VoIP segment in a big way. Your distribution channel is so much better than Sangoma's, that alone would increase sales big time in less developed countries like Brazil where Sangoma is totally absent from the market.