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Dual wan control

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so i came accross a few times that i needed to know the ip information that my wan is pulling from the modem via DHCP. i know i can see the ip address that it gets, but nothing about the gateway, subnet, and dns. these are very helpful information that would be nice to have. also, i quick botton to allow to release and refresh the connection for each WAN's would be very helpful for troubleshooting. Last but not lease, i would LOVE to have the ability to quickly swtich between WAN1 and WAN2 to which is the main and which is failover. or maybe turn one off. the reason for that, is that sometimes modem are loosing connection when there is a problem with the ISP, so i would like to be able to tell the USG to shut the main WAN1 and let WAN2 be the main until i switch it back when i know that the main WAN was fixed by ISP.  

thank you so much! keep up the amazing work!