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FXO Adapter for UniFi VoIP

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Vonage and others offer a VoIP gateway with an FXS port. If Ubiquiti had a compatible gateway with and FXO port, then an on-premise VoIP system would work with almost any VoIP PBX (Vonage, Comcast, etc). The FXO could be on the CloudKey or on the USG. For residential/SOHO use, two FXO ports on a USG would match up with the 2-port Vonage adapter, for example.

on ‎09-03-2018 04:20 AM

The gxw410x series of FXO IP gateways series offers the small enterprise, SOHO, remote offices and multi-location enterprises a cost-effective, easy to deploy VoIP FXO solution.

Cebod Telecom offering VOIP service with unlimited extensions and they charge per phone line not per user!