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Hotspot fields 'optimisation'

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Could you consider customising a bit the default html code for the hotspot (angularJS) to modify the voucher input box to take avantage of some mobile browser 'refinement'  ;

site/app-unifi-hotspot-portal/views/home.html   :  line 71 (in portal v 1.2.3-5dcc86f)


<input type="tel" pattern="[0-9]{10}|[0-9]{5}-[0-9]{5}" title="1234567890 or 12345-67890" name="voucherCode"[...]


Theses modifications make the device display only the num keypad (tel) instead of the full keybard (afaik andro+ios)

The second part is apparently only used by iOS devices and makes it validate/limit the input (and display the 'title' text on erreneous input without submitting the form)




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ooops,  I was in the wrong unifi section :s (should I repost in unifi wireless section ?)


btw I still don't see the point of the seperated voip controller instead of an integrated interface :

A plugin architecture with all gears (ap / firewall / switch / voip / cam / + ) as modules around a 'unique'  communication/provisionning core with a single interface (I thought it was the all point of the unifi line of products...)