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New Product Idea - Unifi VOIP Telephone Line Switch

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New guy here. I inherited a ShoreTel system from my predecessors and the cost of upkeep is... well that's not the point.

I was looking at Unifi VOIP and it looks like all the components are there to migrate from ShoreTel except for one.

Would Ubiquiti consider a switch similar to ShoreTel that allows for the direct hookup of telephone lines?

The switch itself would connect to the internal network and any phones making an outside call would be directed to their respective telephone line.

I know there's cards out there that do this but I thought it'd be nice to have something offered and supported by Ubiquiti.

a month ago

You are actually talking about an ATA with FXO ports.   This is not something UBNT has ever said they would do - their VoIP offerings are strictly VoIP based, without any analog or TDM ports.   You can get this type of device from several other vendors, from Grandstream to Cisco or high end ones like Sangoma.   But you will still need to be able to tell your PBX to use those for local calls, so that's in the programming of the ShoreTel or whatever you replaced it with - asterisk or FreeSwitch on an industrial PC platform is what we do usually...


a month ago

@eejimm Thank you for your reply! Well, at least I know where to start my research into this. :-)