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Option for Long DTMF Tones

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Please add option in Unifi VoIP phone software for Long DTMF Tones.


Many phone services (Remote Gate Openers, dial 2 for Spanish, dial 0 to be connected to an operator, etc.) do not read the standard short version of the DTMF tones, this has been a know problem with cell phones as well.  Some versions of Android have a option to turn on "Long DTMF Tones", which usually fixes these issues. These systems do not regonize the normal short DTMF Tone versions (Normal 50/50, Whelen 40/20, Genave 20/20, etc.), I think the long version is something like the Motorala 250/250 specification. 


As the Unifi Dialer does not use the Android Dialer, there is no option for this currently. So I always have issues opening the gate at my apartment complex when people come over, Automated Phone systems, Phone Conference call systems where you have to enter in a code to login, etc.


I think adding a Long DTMF Tone option will fix most of the issues people have been reporting and having with the Unifi VoIP phones.


Thank you.