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Skype and QoS on USG Pro

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Hi y'all! 

Bit of a novice to the in's and out's of networking equipment; however, I'm wondering if it's at all possible to add QoS to skype packets specifically (not skype for business) ... It seems that with the traffic stats the USG it is possible for the machine to know which types of traffic are skype calls. Is this tracked in real-time? if so, is there a way to have the USG recognize those skype packets, and then give them priority over other traffic on the network? The current QoS and smart queues do not seem to priortize skype packets; however, it seems clear that the machine is capable of recognizing them. 


Currently we have a lot of people using regualr Skype for phone calls on our network experiencing call quality issues. I have all Skype ports fowarded to Accept all TCP/UDP connections as per their support along with LAN IN and LAN OUT firewall rules for the same ports. 

Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.