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UVP - not a ready to market product

Submitted by - Friday
Status: New Idea

In all fairness, my quick summary After having used the UVP over 3 months:

The UVP is a product which is great in design, fully packed with tons of functionalities (to the extreme… and far more than needed generally), but it does NOT provide well enough the basic functionality of a business phone:

1. The audio quality when using the handle is not excellent, just  OK (@Mic-Level: 1,8)
2. The audio quality when using the loudspeaker (hands free mode, side tone disabled) ist totally unacceptable (hall effects, interruptions, sounds like being 5m away from the Mic, …)
3. The download of contact databases (if not from a Google account) but from an Outlook Exchange server is not working.
4. It might be a product which is usable in a large corporate environment with professional inhouse IT support but not for a SMB with little IT resources


The UBNT support is very helpful and working hard to do almost everything to satisfy customers - but they can't repair what a poor product management has overlooked. It is a shame to drop a product to the market at that stage of market readiness (und the support cost of UBNT must be enormous!)

I think this is what it describes it the best. To sad....

URGENT REQUEST: "3-way calling"

Submitted by - a month ago
Status: New Idea

UBNT team - please add URGENTLY the feature of 3-way calling!!
I can't believe that such a basic function is not standard in a business phone like the UVP, particularly at this price point. 3 Way calling is possible on any mobile handset and almost any mit-calss DECT phone. Why not on the UVP? If I would have known that before, I would not have bought it....




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Status: New Idea

I can't believe I'm the first person to want to edit a dialplan.

vlan tagging on voip phones is a must.

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Status: Accepted

When will you add vlan tagging to your voip phones? Without proper vlan tagging the phones are useless in a true enterprise environment .


UniFi VoIP Repository.

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Status: Accepted

Ubnt, please include a repository for UniFi VoIP controller just like what you did for UniFi AP controller. It will made things a lot easier for us to install the packages and keep it up to date too. I wish ubnt will really consider this idea.




replaceable handset cord

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Status: Implemented

One of the largest conserns I've heard on these units it the lack of a field replaceable handset cable.


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Status: Accepted

This is critical.


Speed dial, SLA / BLA buttons, buttons for hold / park, etc.

Paging / Intercom

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Status: Implemented

Where I can I page from 1 phone... and I can say " BOY GET your butt up here", to my son... and it will go across all phones, over the speaker phone.




I can page from 1 phone to another directly and it will auto pick up on speaker phone. 


I miss this feature having it on a Avaya IP Office PBX and a Cisco PBX too.  I use it all the time... and my company does too. 




Full "Skype for Business" PBX Support

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We have around 150 phones on an alcatel PBX.  We're deploying Skype for Business in the next 6 months.  I didn't see any good options for a physical phone.


This is a massive opportunity for Ubiquiti, IF they can debug and get their phone working with Microsoft's solution.   

BLF support for call parked lines / hot keys

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Status: Implemented

Hot key / BLF support would be a very useful feature for a busy office.

Managed Phone OS

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Need to be able to centrally manage the handset OS.


1. Install or not install the Google Framework Services.  - Not everyone even wants this on their devices.

2. Ability to push apps to the devices.

3. Ability to restrict what apps can be installed on the device when GFS or other app stores are installed.

4. Ability to factory reset the OS in the event a user has pooched it.

5. Ability to lock the OS down so that only whitelisted apps can run.

Incoming Call Display Account

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Status: New Idea

It may be useful to have the account displayed on the incoming call more than the IP of the PBX.  If a phone is configured with multiple accounts from the same PBX then it would be impossible to determine the account that the call is coming through on by the IP alone.  

[REQUEST] Dual ringtones for internal / external calls

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TLDR: Make it possible to differentiate the ringtone between an internal or external call.




Almost every busy office needs this:

A way to hear (without looking at your phone) if it is a collegue calling or wheter a customer is currently waiting for you to pick up!


All basic and major phone brands already provide this option, so when a bussiness chooses for the high-end phone hardware of UVP they expect the features accordingly.

This is such a basic request we didn't even test out before deciding to order a dozen phones.


(We still don't regret it, but we really hope this feature will be implemented very soon!)

Label incoming calls with which SIP Account has been dialled

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Status: New Idea

I have two SIP accounts registered to my phone, each has the name label filled out and when I open the phone app I can see a drop down in the top left corner where these two accounts are listed by name with the extension number alongside but on incoming calls I am not notified which account that caller has dialled. 


This is a handy feature as I use a different greeting when picking up calls for each SIP account. Ideally I could label by the SIP Account name field for easy identification rather than the extension number.


The current option to display IP on incoming calls does not work for me as my lines are hosted on the same PBX IP. My Polycom has his facility so I hope it will be possible on my Ubiquiti.


Thanks in advance

Wall Mounting

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Status: Accepted

wall mountable phones!

this is a must. hopefully coming soon.


Unifi Voip Pro - SIP video calling - now theres an idea

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Status: New Idea

Would it be too much trouble to have devices which profess to be video capable, function with an industry standard protocol such as SIP maybe?

REQUEST - Limited access accounts

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Status: Accepted

I think it'd be nice to be able to lock down the UVP devices so people can't play with them.


I'd love to be able to restrict access to the phone app only, so my operators can do nothing but make and receive calls.


It's a phone.  It doesn't need to do anything other than be a phone (unless I give specific permission to do more).




Night-time mode

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This feature would be for the implementation of a "night-time" mode for the phone, when used in residential settings.


Currently, the phone operates in the same mode day or night. Having a night time mode would be useful for phones in bedrooms and would have features like:


- turn off the notification light during night time hours

- don't ring the phone for calls during night time hours (unless for specified "break through numbers")

- turn off the display far quicker than during the day (say 15 seconds)

- don't play any notification sounds


I've looked for a general Android night mode setting but can't find anything on the phone.



Handset - Setting to Disable Launching Phone App

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Status: Implemented


A checkbox that enables/disables the launching of the UVP Phone app when handset is lifted.

Bonus Idea:

Instead of the above, a drop-down menu that lets the user choose what (if any) app is launched when the handset is lifted.



As it stands (4.5.2), picking up the handset launches the phone app.  This is probably fine for many users.

Some users, though, may want to use the UVP with Google Hangouts [Dialer] or other third party phone apps.  So, as it stands, when using 3rd party apps, and picking up the handset, the UVP Phone app awkwardly launches, and has to be closed manually by the user (to get it out of the way).  

Also, if your PBX is setup to give a dialtone when the handset is lifted (and the UVP Phone app is open), like mine is, a dialtone pops up in the background of your 3rd party app call when the handset is listed.