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replaceable handset cord

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One of the largest conserns I've heard on these units it the lack of a field replaceable handset cable.

Managed Phone OS

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Need to be able to centrally manage the handset OS.


1. Install or not install the Google Framework Services.  - Not everyone even wants this on their devices.

2. Ability to push apps to the devices.

3. Ability to restrict what apps can be installed on the device when GFS or other app stores are installed.

4. Ability to factory reset the OS in the event a user has pooched it.

5. Ability to lock the OS down so that only whitelisted apps can run.

Full "Skype for Business" PBX Support

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We have around 150 phones on an alcatel PBX.  We're deploying Skype for Business in the next 6 months.  I didn't see any good options for a physical phone.


This is a massive opportunity for Ubiquiti, IF they can debug and get their phone working with Microsoft's solution.   

Wall Mounting

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wall mountable phones!

this is a must. hopefully coming soon.


Night-time mode

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This feature would be for the implementation of a "night-time" mode for the phone, when used in residential settings.


Currently, the phone operates in the same mode day or night. Having a night time mode would be useful for phones in bedrooms and would have features like:


- turn off the notification light during night time hours

- don't ring the phone for calls during night time hours (unless for specified "break through numbers")

- turn off the display far quicker than during the day (say 15 seconds)

- don't play any notification sounds


I've looked for a general Android night mode setting but can't find anything on the phone.



[REQUEST] Dual ringtones for internal / external calls

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TLDR: Make it possible to differentiate the ringtone between an internal or external call.




Almost every busy office needs this:

A way to hear (without looking at your phone) if it is a collegue calling or wheter a customer is currently waiting for you to pick up!


All basic and major phone brands already provide this option, so when a bussiness chooses for the high-end phone hardware of UVP they expect the features accordingly.

This is such a basic request we didn't even test out before deciding to order a dozen phones.


(We still don't regret it, but we really hope this feature will be implemented very soon!)

VOIP wireless handset

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I love the two models you have currently, however I would like to see a wireless hand set version, as i have clients that cant be chained to the desk. If you had that i could offer a 100% UBNT Solution, USG, Switch, Security and Phones!

Make it possible to customize an Android ROM

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It's really great that the UniFi controller gives us a centralized way to provision extensions, reboot handsets and locate them.


But, what we need is a way to completely wipe-and-restore the phone.


More than that, we also need a way to define pre-installed applications, restrictions and default configuration options.  We need to be able to customize a ROM.


Alternativley (and perhaps more complicated), creating a way in the controller software to act as an MDM would get us most of the way there.

Remote Call Clearing

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To be able to use the phone by external applications, please add an interface to have features like clearing call history or wipe user's data remotely. 



Display additional contact detail

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Currently the contact detail that is shown is their name, image, and phone numbers.  It would be great to be able to show more info such as their company/business name, title, email, address, etc.


The optimal solution would be to make what info is displayed customizable.

Custom ringtone based on caller id

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Provide ability to set a custom ringtone based on the caller

Hide Unifi Phone Status in Notification Area

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Let me hide the Unifi dialer status so that I can properly use a third party dialer app

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Toggle light blink for identification

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I thought this was already implemented, but I can't seem to find it.


This would be nice to have Man Happy

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Leverage Android to the max!

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I would love to see a few things within the phone, I could easily see my clients switching to these for upgrades.


1. Add a hard button or keep the android navigation visible when the phone app is open.

2. Provision Google accounts from the central admin software

3. Keep up the good work!

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Google Maps version

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The google maps version on the UVP does not show the phone numbers of places you look up. I alway use google maps on my cell phone to find numbers for businesses,ect. Im guessing there is a reason for the numbers not displaying due to the fact maps version thinks this thing is not capable of dialing numbers?  It would be great to have this feature since it is a phone and you could look places and dial them just like a cell phone.