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Running Controller as Service since Java-Update / unifi-controller-update

Hey all,


another issue:

Unifi-Controller and unifi-voip-controller are running on same system (windows 10 Enterprise, Redstone 5).


For the latest unifi-controller I needed to update java. Since that my voip-controller cannot be run as service, even if i create the service new.


When starting the service service-manager says:

Unifi Voip Controller auf Lokaler Computer konnte nicht gestartet werden. Weitere Informationen finden sie im Systemereignisprotokoll.

Which actually tells nothing. The Eventmanager tells the following:

Der Dienst "UniFi Voip Controller" wurde mit dem folgenden dienstspezifischen Fehler beendet:
Unzulässige Funktion.

(Translateted: The service unifi voip controller was stopped because of the following service-specific error: inadmissible function).


Any idea? Running the program als program instead of service is not a good solution... ;-)