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5.0.7 - AP drops all traffic, but wifi stays connected

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After upgrading to v5 we started to experience this issue - the AP and clients stay connected but there is no network communication going on. Pings timeout but wifi says "connected".

Clients have to disconnect and reconnect manually several times to recover. Last report of this was showing that its happening on 2.4GHz.

We tried to reset all the APs with ssh into them and run set-default. Unfortunatelly no luck.

APs are UAP AC PROs running, Controller is running on CloudKey



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Re: 5.0.7 - AP drops all traffic, but wifi stays connected

Same Problem here.


Running 3 Unifi AC-Lite APs.


Client is loosing 8-10 pings after traffic starts flowing again.


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Re: 5.0.7 - AP drops all traffic, but wifi stays connected

Have you checked out the information on this thread? (which is also a sticky thread at the top of this forum)

This sounds like the same set of problems that were discussed and diagnosed over the last few months in this forum, and the answer to which came down to: the firmware bundled with 5.0.7 has a bunch of problems; the solution is better firmware. (At least, that was the case for the UAP-Pros, which is what I'm running; I believe the UAP-AC-Pros had something similar going on, where the AP would maintain connectivity but stop passing traffic, particularly in high interference environments).


For a while, the sticky thread had links to firmware with some fixes, but it seems those have now been bundled into the beta.

Personally, I'm still running a test firmware called "feature-gen1-10.2.56" on my UAP-Pros; it stabilized our environment and I'd rather not run a beta controller if I can avoid it.

But this has been broken for a while and the 5.2.x controller series feels like it's in perpetual beta. 5.2.4 was released for testing about 2 weeks ago, so maybe it's finally getting close, but I had hoped that with 5.2.2 as well. @UBNT-Brandon, the last update to that sticky thread was on August 3rd. Can we have an update about what the current best firmware to be running to avoid these connected-but-no-traffic outages is, and/or the timing of a release that bundles firmware that fixes these problems?

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Re: 5.0.7 - AP drops all traffic, but wifi stays connected

Yes, we've been struggling to get 5.2.X to GA.  We're hopeful we will get it out next week - we think we've had a breakthrough on this issue.


Yes - good point.  Will also update the thread.




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