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5.6.40 - Clarification on reconnect/authorize buttons and their use



5.6.40 controller. I just wanted more detail about the functionality of these actions that can be performed on guets devices via the controller portal as the user guide doesn't go into much details:-


  • Authorize - if this is clicked and the guest device manually authorised - am i correct in myassumption that the device isn't subject to any data/speed quota restrictions thereafter?
  • Reconnect  - Will this reconnect a client previously disconnected that is now 'pending'?
  • Under what circumstanced would a device be expected to be pending - only if it's a new device to the system or otherwise as well?


The reason for the questions is this client has found some issues recently with guest devices struggling to connect that HAVE previously been authorised by the voucher system and connected to the system. When checked, these devices are now in pending state. I'm wondering why this is happening and how best to advise the onsite staff to get them back on the guest wifi under the terms of their voucher. This problem typically happens at peak periods, eg evenings. So guest checks in in the afternoon and gets a voucher for his device and gets on wifi. Goes away then in the evening finds his device won't reconnect and it is 'pending'.....