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AP damaged by lightning still working by WiFi


I have a Unifi APs network, working fine. Last summer, a thunderstorm has damaged our adsl link and the power surge has reached an AP LR. So, the RJ45 ethernet circuit is burned. However, the wifi was still available and I could adopt it through another working AP.
But, I made a big mistake, hard resetting it with a paperclip ! Now, I can't adopt it by wifi anymore. However, it appears in Unifi Controller > Tag Insights. The line is complete. Only the NAME/SSID display <hidden>.
What can I do ? Is the AP definitely unusable ?
Thank you for any help and excuse my poor english.
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Re: AP damaged by lightning still working by WiFi

Sadly yes - once reset, you need to connected wired first to re-adopt and then add as a wireless uplink, so if the RJ45 is fried, it's no use now reset.