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AP for cooled warehouse?



I am looking for recommendations on equipment to use in a cold storage warehouse (constantly -25 degrees F). There is metal racking with liquid/solid storage stacked around 15'-20' high inside the 30' ceiling height. I will be using 5G radios, the site currently is running on a 2.4G radio system that needs to remain running. Is there a Ubiquiti access point that can handle this extreme environment? Ive attached a floor plan image with the circles representing the AP proposed placements.


Thanks in advance.



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Re: AP for cooled warehouse?

UAP-AC-M-PRO is rated to -40F
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Re: AP for cooled warehouse?

Check the specs edpecially for the UAP-AC-M, and also UMA-D (sector) and UAP-AC-M-Pro.


I am not sure if every other row will do on 5G, you need to test and verify this. It could work, but if not consider either one AP per row (5G 20 MHz channel) or mountung the AP at the end of the row row  a sector antenna.


Alternatively check the temperature range of the NanoBeam M5, this is more cost effective than AC-M plus UMA-D.