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AP is in "isolation"

Hello fellow Ubuiquiti users!

I was wondering if anyone can help with a little issue I have. I have an access point at a customer site that is showing as isolated, there are only 2 APs at this site, the other is fine. The same thing happened at the same site but the other access point. I'm assuming there is a drop in the network connection or the AP can't see the gateway or network perhaps? We changed a cable on the other access point and it came back online (from memory) and it's been fine.

I had a read on the forum on that occasion and read that I should disable "wireless uplink monitor", so I did that for the site 2 weeks. Yesterday I noticed that the other AP was isolated, I would of assumed it should show as "disconnected" instead if it had fallen off the network or couldn't see the gateway etc?

I contact Ubiquiti support via live chat yesterday, they think it's a LAN cable and the support rep said that it's isolated because it can't see the controller? on reflection, I thought you didn't actually require controller so that seems wrong to me?

I can't actually get to site for the moment, is there anything I can do remotely? I have no access to the site. I did try and use the debug terminal on the working AP but I can't seem to establish a connection with it.

A brief description of the setup....the 2 AP's in question are AC LITE models, they connect to a Windows VM hosted on my QNAP using an infom link running Unifi (with 3 seperate sites). I have 1 other remote site with 2 APs, that can see the controller fine, no issues there. I also have 1 local AP at the same location as the controller.

So I guess what I'm asking is, should the AP go into isolation mode if the uplink monitor is unchecked?

Sorry for the long post and any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: AP is in "isolation"

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Begin with checking the switch port that the AP is connected to. If your switch is not managed one, then all you can do is ask someone to check the LEDs.


You could check if you can SSH into the AP, check its status, set inform again or reset it. For that you will, of course, need to know the IP of the access point, so a look in to the DHCP server's leases and logs will help. And of course you need some kind of remote network access.


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Re: AP is in "isolation"

Thanks for your reply! 

Yes, site access would be great, I guess there isn't much I can do from here. The "isolated" part bothers me though, if it couldn't connect to the LAN, is there a way to force it just be in a disconnected state? I don't suppose you know what actually happens when it goes into "isolated" mode? Like I mentioned, I thought disabling the "wireless uplink monitor" would stop that from occuring. 

If there was a LAN blip of somekind and it lost connection to the gateway, I would expect it to disconnect, then reconnect when available right? In isolated mode, I'm assuming it won't do that and it tries to act like a mesh/repeater. I may be talking nonsense but thats how I've interpreted what I have read. 


Thanks for your time.

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Re: AP is in "isolation"

Hi Danny, obviously I can't pinpoint your issue without being able to assess the site. However, I had the same situation at a client's location and it turned out to be an issue with the network cable. So I can concur with Ubiquiti live support. I re-terminated the cable ends fix the problem. Fortunately for me, there wasn't a kink or break in the wire. Is there anyway you can get a tech out to the site to test the cable?
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Re: AP is in "isolation"

Thanks for your reply.

Someone went onsite, changed the cable and it working, it could have been that or the fact that the AP was power cycled as we can't see any issue with the cable, looks ok through a tester. I'll keep an eye on it. I just expected an offline AP to "disconnected" rather than "isolated" is what threw me. Unfortunately, the person who went to site didn't check the status of the AP before changing the cable, so we'll never know if it was powered down Banghead



Thanks all for your assistance.



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Re: AP is in "isolation"

Simple cable testers are dumb and don't detect poor crimpings.  PoE might come through, actual data might not - or might not always.  Even if the bad crimp works now doesn't mean it will do so in the future.


My bets:

1) Bad crimping

2) Sub quality connetor (corrosion?)

3) Sub quality cable


and as a bonus

4) Wrong DHCP lease.  You have a ghost DHCP server somewhere on your network.

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Re: AP is in "isolation"



I have the same or at least a very similar scenarion. 6 APs at a remote site to which we don't have remote access. All of the APs are connected to seperate networks (wired).From time to time I have seen one of them go into an 'isolated state' on the controller. It only happens for a few minutes and then is normal. Uptime shows that it is not a power problem


The real concern is that there is no Alert or Event for this. I saw that Clients were connected to the AP as well.


Controller: Ver 5.5.20

AP:  AP-AC-HD Version:


Any advice?