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Arrrgghh! Mesh network, adoption fails on uplinked units after config change

Happy New Year!!!


A new tech, thinking he was doing the right thing based on his previous experience, turned off SSID broadcast on a big mesh network at one of our clients.  This resulted in all of the uplinked APs re-provisioning and ending with "adoption failed."  We turned SSID broadcast back on, but the uplinked devices still fail to adopt, even when we use advanced adoption.  Power cycling the devices has no effect.  The uplinked units are UniFi AP-AC-Mesh-Pro and UniFi AP-AC-Mesh, all running version  Cloud Key firmware is current and controller is version 5.9.29-11384-1.  Some of the APs are used multi-hop and are not readily accessible without renting a "cherry picker," i.e., connecting physically and SSHing into to them is problematic  Any suggestions about how we can get this network back into operation?