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Cloudkey not sending to remote syslog server

I can't get my Cloudkey (5.5.20 version) to send remote syslog messages.  The logger (Graylog) isn't seeing anything (it is catching logs from my Ubiquiti Edgerouter Lite correctly).  


Under Settings > Site I have turned on Enable Remote Syslog Server, and Enable Debug Logging.  Under that I've filled in the remote IP address and port (8514 in this setup).

 Also under Settings > Maintenance > Services > Log level I set all to "more" ... although it is not clear from the UI or documentation whether this is related to syslog or not. 


I ssh'd to the cloudkey and did  "tcpdump -n -s 1500 -X port 8514" which I think should show me if it is sending anything:  it listened on eth0p, captured 0 packets.


Thoughts please?


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Re: Cloudkey not sending to remote syslog server

Years past they have indicated that this sends the AP logs to the remote syslog and not the controller log. Without a post saying otherwise I'd assume this is still the case.

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Re: Cloudkey not sending to remote syslog server

Yes, configuring a remote syslog server is done on a per-site basis, and applies to UNIFI *devices*. But the controller isn't *in* a site and the cloud key isn't considered a *device*.

Yet IMO there is a need to get the controller logs into a remote syslog server.

I think it would help if the cloud key we're considered a UNIFI device in some site managed by some controller. (Typically but not necessarily it's own controller.)

But that wouldn't help when the controller isn't on a cloud key.

Another possibility is for the controller to carefully sort it's own log messages per site and special case sending them to a configured remote log for the site.

But these are just suggestions.
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Re: Cloudkey not sending to remote syslog server

I just got a cloud key and could not find how to forward syslogs to a remote server.  Looked at busybox syslogd and made the following change:


vi /etc/default/busybox-syslogd


followed by


systemctl restart busybox-syslogd.service


Verified by reading local with logread and remote with tail.