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Complete noob, multiple AP's with same SSID

Hi everyone,

   I have searched and cant seem to find the scenario that I am having trouble with.


Currently I am running an airrouter (with its own SSID) and an AP-LR (with its own SSID and guest network). With this configuration, everything is running fine. However, I am running some wireless cameras on the AP-LR and sometimes I get a camera drop out due to range. I would like to add a pico-station outdoor access point to rectify this, but how do I get the PICO and LR to work together so there is seemless drop off between the two when moving across them?


I know, I know, yes, this is NOT my area of exptertise.


Thanks in advance for the help.

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Re: Complete noob, multiple AP's with same SSID

give the pico the same SSID / passphrase / cipher as the UAP.  Should work fine.


Note though that AirMAX kit isn't really designed to handle roaming between APs all that well (it "works", but not as well as the UAPs).  If it's inside, you may find a UAP-AC-LITE is the better option.

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Re: Complete noob, multiple AP's with same SSID

PIcoStation is a legacy radio; I suggest you avoid it for

any new installations. For outdoor use, the UAP-Outdoor+

is a good choice for moderate range.


You can manage both the indoor UniFi radio and the Outdoor+

on the same controller. There is a feature called 'zero handoff'

available in UniFi, and if you must have no dropout, it's worth

a try. But for a small setup like this, you may have good luck

simply using the same SSID.   Dave

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