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Deploy WiFi for 22,500 sq M warehouse

A client is opening up a new warehouse which is basically a massive second hand car dealership. Total area is 22 500 sq m (242,188 sq feet).


I have never had to cover an area this size with wifi.


What can you guys suggest?


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Re: Deploy WiFi for 22,500 sq M warehouse

I've not tried it, but you could have a look at this - the development was sponsored by UBNT.

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Re: Deploy WiFi for 22,500 sq M warehouse

I have done several large warehouse and large office

UniFi implementations. Every one has been different,

and requires different strategies. I'd fine it difficult to

make good general recommendations, except to

consider the rf environment carefully and design a

good network and distribution system for it.


Perhaps you would do well with a consultant.   Dave

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