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Firmware version discrepancies

Firmware 4.0.14 was released for the UAP-AC-PRO and others a week or two ago and 4.0.15 today but the downloads page for the AC-PRO doesn't list either of these despite them being described as "stable" on the updates blog.


Also in the unifi controller neither of these new versions is shown as available. I upgraded my AP to 4.0.14 and when I gave it the custom url for 4.0.15 it said it was "downgrading" the AP, but after it finished it is now showing 4.0.15.


What's going on? It feels like this is all a bit muddled and out of sync.

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Re: Firmware version discrepancies

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Both the firmware versions you mention are labelled "stable candidate" not stable or final.

Once they are final they are listed on the downloads page and made available for direct upgrade through the controller.


Until then they are effectively beta releases available via blog/forum only.


4.0.10 is the current stable release.