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Good WiFi Client Bridges to use with UBNT APs?

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Our vacation place is a log home, so running (and hiding) Ethernet cables is difficult. We have excellent WiFi coverage both inside and out, so I've been using a few old Wireless-G routers runing DD-WRT and set up in client bridge allow connectivity to wired devices (mostly DVRs) in various places arond the house.


Since all of my UAPs support AC, I'd like to banish these outdated devices from my network and replace them with AC client bridges. What's the most cost-effective way to do that? DD-WRT again but on cheap(ish?) AC routers? Or should I settle for Wireless-N for now until AC client bridges are cheaper?   

This is where I used to list my UBNT gear, but now it's mostly stuff I'm not allowed to talk about yet. Man Wink
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Re: Good

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Use AC-Lite (for 1 wall or 2 thinner walls), LR or Pro (2x Ethernet, 3x3 5G, so one extra stream with 1/3 speed increase if other side is also 3x3). The Lite will most probably do and is the most cost effective.


Alternatives: MikroTik hAP AC Lite (switch, cheap, only 1x1 for 5G, shorter range and somewhat "typically MT messy"), or perhaps a TP-Link CPE510 (directional, no AC, no switch included).


AC only works over short distances/ good signals, so test first with a notebook if the distances you want to cover will give you AC MCS rates. If not, then obviously a 802.11n devices will do the same.