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Help - Looked Out

Newbie question.


I have 4 AUP Pro boxes in my office.  The computer with the controller software has been upgraded so the log in lost.

I have downloaded UniFi 5.6.37 Controller for Windows and run it.  


I get message 


No devices found

When a device is detected on your network it will automatically show up in this list.


Any ideas about which software and how to recover access would be appreciated prior to a new router arriving soon.



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Re: Help - Looked Out

do you have a backup of the old controller ?

if yes, restore it to you new controller, your devices will show up as they were

if no , reconfigure your controller, reset your ap's and start fresh
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Re: Help - Looked Out

Thanks audio-catalyst,

No back-up. Is there an article on reconfiguring the controller?
The software I download isn't seeing them. Should it?
The ap's work right now and I would hate the reconfigure and mess them up.

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

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Re: Help - Looked Out

If you do not have access to the old controller, or a backup then the only way to get the APs onto the new controller is to factory reset them and recreate the network on the new controller.