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Help Needed - Looking for Wireless Product

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I'm working on the technical side of a new video surveillance quote for one of my clients - client is not using Ubiquiti Unifi Video for the record. Client is a shipping port where they have those large cranes to move cargo in and out boats. The client wants to mount an outdoor camera on the cranes and have it tie into an existing DVR solution. These cranes are mobile on a track so we can't hard wire the cameras. Also, since they move we can't do a dedicated bridge, I think. So I'm thinking we mount a 2.4/5ghz wireless access point somewhere nearby on a pole and install some kind of outdoor wireless receiver on the crane that the camera can then plug into. Does Ubiquity have anything that fits the bill? I've been looking at the Unifi AC Mesh ( and it might work but I'm not sure it will in the application I'm thinking of.