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How to for others - Link the Controller with Merchant Warrior Gateway in NZ

I had a longstanding client in Hospitality here in NZ using the Unifi system for 3-4 years using voucher-based guest internet access. They were keen to move to credit card payments to remove the demand on their staff by guests paying for access. I looked into it and found that the only method of doing this in NZ was to use a merchant processing company called Merchant Warrior.I'd never heard of them and I wasn't sure how the credit card payment system was going to work since i've not done it before so i looked for info on this forum to help set it up. I couldn't find anything that was specific to NZ so i went ahead with setting it up on my own test system anyway and got in touch with Merchant Warrior to get what in needed from them. It was actually relatively easy and i've documented the steps below as i thought it might save others a few minutes time.......


My client hasn't gone live with MW yet but i'm hoping will do so once they have seen how easy (or not) it is for their guests to use.


  • Enable Payment-based authorisation in the controller
  • Create your packages for selling the internet
  • Apply to Merchant Warrior (NZ) (MW) for a merchant account - this is used to process the credit card payment transactions. This can be done at Once you have got a merchant warrior account this will give you access to a login 'portal' that will allow you to run test transactions using their 'terminal' facility and see each of the transactions.
  • MW should give you a test Merchant UUID, API Key and API Passphrase that you then enter into your Payment Gateway details. Also make sure you tick the 'use test account' option (just in case i guess!)
  • MW should also provide you with test credit card payment details to use, eg a batch of 'dummy' credit card details that you can use to test the process of paying.
  • Your client can also apply for a MW account as they will need a live account anyway for their guest system - MW can initially make their account a test system for their testing purposes also and switch them into a live environment once they are happy with it. You can monitor your test transactions through the MW portal and also give 'bad' cc details so you can see any failures etc.
  • The help i got from MW locally here in NZ all seemed to be based via email and there was a 2-3 hour delay in their responses but they seemed pretty helpful and were aware of the Ubiquiti Unifi Controller system which helped.


Hope this info proces useful for others. If in find out more i'll add to it.