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Include Site Name in Email Alert Subject

@Totaalgeflipt and @pshifrin have made similar featurerequest:


I think that's a good idea, for those that can't wait I modified the ace.jar file to do just that.

I edited the ace.jar on a macOS controller and copied the file to a Cloudkey and it worked.


Now my email subject looks like this:

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 11.18.38.PNG


If anyone wants the modified file you can PM me.

If UBNT gives the ok I will post a link to the file here.

Mind, that when upgrading the controller and the ace.jar gets replaced, the modification needs to be done again.

This modification was done on 5.7.20.

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Re: Include Site Name in Email Alert Subject

I want this feature.

Would this custom file work on a controller running on windows?