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Management VLAN


Sorry if this has been covered elsehwere but I am unable to find a relevent post.

I have a site which woud like to have 4 SSIDs on 4 different VLANS using cisco switching, My understanding is that we should connect the AP to a Trunk Port on the switch and then tag the traffic using the UniFi management GUI...... However..... How do I get the AP to connect to the management server to receive its config if the port is a trunk port?

Any assistance would be greatfully received!!

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Re: Management VLAN

You don't need to have it on a trunk port.
When you place the unifi on a switch port, the untagged default vlan of the port is the management interface this uses. Tag the port with whatever tags you plan to use for ssid's. Within the unifi manager, create the ssid's with the tags you want. If you are creating one on the management vlan, then don't select the tagged vlan as the port is already associated with that vlan.